Sorbitol, also known as D-sorbitol, D-Glucitol or D-gluco hexanehexol, is a hexahydric sugar alcohol. Sorbitol is commercially manufactured by the high-pressure hydrogenation of dextrose solutions using a nickel catalyst.

Sorbitol is a Lyophilic, non-toxic, non-irritant, stable and chemically inert, resistant to heat, resistant to acid and is non-fermentable by microorganisms.


Bulking Agent Sequestrate
Low Calorie Sweetener Texturizing Agent
Humectant Retains Moisture
Stabilizer Chelating Property
Cooling Agent Prevents Browning of Food
Plasticity Viscosity


Sorbitol is a Versatile Polyols from the range of Polyols & is widely used in oral care, pharmaceuticals, paints, industrial application, soaps, food and confectionery etc.

  • PharmaceuticalsLiquid SyrupsSorbitol enhances palatability, promotes absorption and has good bodying characteristics. It retards loss of moisture and improves stability of solutions. It is use in Amino acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin 'C', Liver tonic and ferrous Gluconate Aqueous preparations.
  • Oral Care & CosmeticsSorbitol is used in cosmetics & oral care due to its functional characteristics: Plasticizing, Humectant, Sweet taste, Solubility, Microbial Stability, Clarity, Color stability.
    • Toothpaste - Prevents drying, gives good consistency, plasticity and is non-carcinogenic, enhances cooling effect.
    • Mouthwash: - Good bodying agent, highly resistant to fermentation by micro-organisms.
    • c. Creams, Ointments, Lotions, Shaving creams, Body milks, Moisturizing creams, Liquid Soaps, Shampoos, Hair-dressings, Hair sprays, Deodorant sticks, Emulsifying fragrances - Sorbitol acts as a moisturizer, stabilizer, plasticizer. Ensures uniformity of application of creams and prevents “rolling”. Reduces the grazing after effect, increases the adherence of make-up, acts as a binder and an emollient, is non-irritating to the skin and improves lubricity.
  • Food & Beverage Industry
    • Candies - Maintains freshness, improves shelf life, imparts pleasant cooling taste and reduces dental caries. Toffee, Soft & Hard Caramels, Jellies, Milk Chocolate, Fruit Jams remain dry and un-crystallized, gives a good mouth feel.
    • Energy drinks / Diet Chocolates - Nutritional supplement in place of sugar.
    • Biscuits Cakes & Pastries - Prevent products such as fruit cakes, macaroons and madeleins from drying out. Improves the taste and rancidity, thus increasing the product shelf life
    • Chewing Gums - Softens gum base and gives cool sweetness, reduces dental carries, acts as a low calorie sweetener.
    • Yeast - Prevents mould growth.
    • Enzymes (Freeze-dried and solution) - Stabilizing Agent.
    • Ice Creams - Lowers freezing point making them softer and easier for scooping. It also inhibits recrystallization.
    • Fish, Surimi & Meat Products - Use of Sorbitol in fish products optimizes the preservation process by preventing the denaturation of protein fibers. It also does not cause browning, as is the case with sugar.
    • Beer and other Beverages - Improves dryness, crumbliness and spread ability.

Technical Specifications

  • Synonyms - D-Glucitol
  • CAS No - 50 - 70 - 4
  • E Number - E 420
  • Color Code - Orange
  • Molecular Weight - 182.17
  • Molecular Formula- C6H14O6
  • Boiling Point - 1050Celsius
  • Calories per Gram (dry Basis) - 2.6
  • Sweetness - 60 % of Sucrose